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At BLU CONSULTING INC., we're your go-to experts for police-related matters.  I'm here to help you navigate the complex world of law enforcement . Get the most out of your police-related projects with BLU CONSULTING INC.

Marlon Marrache




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Tap into the expertise of BLU CONSULTING INC. to get the best possible outcome in police matters. My expertise comes with a lot of experience and knowledge to provide you with the assistance you need. Make BLU CONSULTING INC. your go-to source for police matters.

At BLU Consulting Inc, I'm passionate about providing top-notch consulting services to my clients. I'm a 25 year veteran retired Sergeant from LAPD and I bring with me a wealth of experience in police disciplinary matters and use of force investigations. I have a unique understanding of the complex laws and regulations that govern the police force, and I'm here to help you navigate your way through these intricate regulations. My goal is to help you understand the situation and provide you with the best possible solutions.



At BLU Consulting Inc., I offer unparalleled expertise and consulting services to help you reach your goals and maximize your success. I will provide you with the guidance and resources you need to achieve success.


Expert Witness: Delivering Expert Opinion and Testimony with Integrity

As an Expert Witness, I provide expert advice and testimony on police-related matters. I have extensive experience in the field, and I provide testimony on a range of police-related issues, such as police policies and procedures, use of force, officer misconduct, and civilian complaints.

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Maximizing Efficiency and Effectiveness with Law Enforcement Consulting.

My police consulting services cover all police related matters, from use of force to criminal and administrative investigations. I have years of experience in law enforcement and I'm highly qualified to provide advice and guidance on any police related issues.


Inspire Your Audience - Unlock Your Potential with an Instructor & Public Speaker

As an expert in law enforcement, I provide comprehensive instruction in Internal Affairs investigations and OIS protocols. I also provide public speaking services on all police related matters. My years of experience and in-depth knowledge makes me the ideal choice for any organization looking to improve their understanding and proficiency in police matters.

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Get the Expert Advice You Need from Blu Consulting Inc.

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